Friday, 26 October 2012


Ah, the beach, the perfect way to enjoy a day by just relaxing and enjoying the smell of the beach. Lately its been really hot and I've been having an erg to go to the beach and just refresh my self in the salty wind and waters of its rich golden beauty......
And what better way to stay hydrated and refreshed with a simple pure taste of heaven and ice?
To indulge in the beautiful essence and coolness of the icy sea water to cool you down from an exhausting day?
And to just take in the waves lapping against the beach and take in its lovingly peace and to think of what you've got and how lucky you are to have it, your life, your friends, your family, a roof above your head, clothes a bed to sleep on, safe equipment and tools. Sometimes we just have to stop and think before we decide because sometimes we take things for granted we get what we want more than what we need and we need to take those things in mind and think about others who need it more and deserve it more than those who wine, who yell and who blame others for their mistakes when the people who really need it are in our hearts and are struggling and wouldn't dare to say something wrong...those are the ones we need to cherish and to take care of in our heart and our faith......
have a calm and faithful day, and just think.......

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