Friday, 6 July 2012

Truely Divine...

What Divine cupcakes! So beautiful and delicious i can just picture myself sitting in a beautiful flowery scenery just munching on these beautiful treats.....

This cupcake is so beautiful and dainty just like little girls and who else would have a big desire to have this cupcake in their little  hands than a little girl herself...... 

Now this one is a little art of work....its everything chanel! From chanel make-up to chanel bags! I am just dying to have one of these cupcakes in my own hands...or maybe a few...This is my delicious and dainty inspiration today!!! I hope you all have a gorgeous and cupcakey day!!
Images Via Tumblr


  1. I'll so have one of those middle ones thankyou! Have a lovely day xx

    1. I agree!! The middle cupcake is soo sweet and dainty!
      Thanks for all lovely comments! Have a beautiful and calm day!
      Rosey Pinks xoxoxo